Colorful Paintings.
These paintings were created on an iPad, mostly started as random drawings and designs to be used on typographic posters that we were creating. It’s amazing how they ended up into this form, imagining that someone can use these for their space.

Paintings by ianographer for Ianiverse Crafts.

Jeans & T-shirt is a monthly event which is held on every first Sunday of every month in Tanzania. It’s a playground for young people to meet up, praise and worship together, with the common influence being music and the dress code. The organizers reveal T-shirt designs weeks before the next event ready for sales, and a poster to promote the events weeks before they take place.

Ianiverse is proud to work with the R.I.O.T Organization into making these two items the main creative attention to the events. We design the posters and the T-shirts to be worn at the events.

The previous event was held on June 1st, and the main theme was ‘G.O.D: Genealogy of Divinity’.

jandt jeans and tshirt Ianiverse tshirt design tshirt poster